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Bardo backpack&bag е изключително здрава, удобна и функционална раница, която може да става на чанта за рамо и чанта тип messenger. Изработена е от висококачествена еко кожа, капака на чантата е вдъхновен от оригинално ръчно рисувани Bardo дизайн, който е отпечатан на устойчив текстил. Bardo backpack&bag побира до 10 in tablet или ultrabook, документи и много лични вещи.


Височина – 33cm
Ширина при отварянето – 29см
Ширина на дъното – 25см
Дълбочина на дъното – 5cm

Текстилни презрамки – 100% полиестер
Капак – еко кожа и полиестер
Тяло – еко кожа

Вътрешен голям джоб за таблет 10 инча и два по-малки джоба

Максимална товароносимост 2кг.​
Bardo backpack&bag is extremely comfortable and functional backpack that turns into handbag or messenger bag whenever you want! It’s made from high quality eco-leather and the cover is inspired by the original hand-painted Bardo design that has been printed out on sustainable fabric. Bardo backpack&bag can take as much as 10” tablet, ultrabook documents and many other personal belongings.

► Size:
- Height - 33 cm/ 12.9"
- Width at the top - 29 cm/ 11.4"
- Width at the bottom - 25 cm'/ 9.8"
- Depth at the bottom - 5 cm/ 1.9"

► Materials:
- Straps: Textile: 100% Polyester
- Flap: Highly resistant Vegan Leather, Polyester
- Body: Highly resistant Vegan Leather
►Inside pocket for 10" tablet and 2 smaller pockets
►Maximum of 2 kg Load Capacity
► Recommended hand wash.

► Each Bardo item comes with one of my unique hand-painted artworks printed with a high quality sublimation technique on durable textile. My designs carry a spark of inspiration for your work-life and free time so let me bring color and joy into your daily routine.

► I create all of my items personally with remarkable precision and attention to detail. Please feel free to convo me with any questions and wishes.